Thursday, October 20, 2011

Magic Valley area Halloween Carnival

Last weekend about 160 people attended a Halloween Carnival sponsored by IESDB and Idaho Hands & Voices, at the College of Southern Idaho Corn Maze. The facilities at the maze (two large canvas tents, lots of straw bales to sit on, and a porta-potty) were furnished by the CSI horticulture club for the low cost of $1 a head. Families arrived, decided whether or not they wanted to take a chance of getting lost in the corn field, and then participated in several carnival-style games and pumpkin-painting. The last has been our local Hands & Voices family activity for several years, and instead of our usual 10 to 12 kids, this year we had 85 pumpkins, and they all got painted! As the RSVPs came flooding in, we combined the planned pumpkin ring-toss with pumpkin painting in order to use the same pumpkins for both activities. Lorna brought her harvest (42 pumpkins) and Arden Schmitt gathered the rest from various donors, including H&V member Jenny Hirai.

Lorna Irwin, AKA The Paint Monster

(every mother's nightmare)

Kids of all ages at work!

Don't forget to visit the games!

Green-haired witch Janice Finch
and her pumpkin toss.