Monday, November 7, 2011

Deaf Center of Idaho Bazaar

My son Kyle (hearing, student in ISU Meridian Interpreter Training Program) and I spent last Saturday running a booth for Idaho Hands & Voices at the DCI Bazaar. This is an annual event in about its fifth year, and bigger than I expected. We had a few items to sell, plus H&V brochures and newsletters to hand out. I recruited Kyle to do face-painting, and once the kids discovered him, he kept continuously busy painting butterflies, flowers, hearts and ILY hands on faces and arms. Yes, his clientele was exclusively female....

We didn't make a huge amount of money, but covered the booth fee and then some, and had a chance to talk to several people about H&V. Thank you, Diana Collins, for the donation of potscrubbers (I nabbed a couple for myself) and Laura Bainbridge for taking care of the booth so I could make a lunch run for myself and Kyle.