Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Magic Valley H&V at Dierke's Lake

Saturday, June 25 the Magic Valley area Hands & Voices members met at Dierke's Lake near Twin Falls. I remembered everything except my camera, so this will be a picture-less report.

Attendance was down a bit from our usual numbers; four families came. A lot of information and support was exchanged, quite a number of cookies consumed, and water sports and beach play enjoyed.

The wading beach at Dierke's was recently upgraded with the addition of a concrete barrier and lots of new white sand. A large amount of this sand went home clinging to the younger members of the picnic party.

Joel and Micah Cram went kayaking around the lake with Jim Irwin, who introduced them to his favorite recreational activity, cleaning up trash. Whether they are sold on this as a fun pasttime I don't know, but the lake is a lot cleaner for their efforts!

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