Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blown Away at the First Magic Valley Hands & Voices Family Campout

We decided to try something a little different and schedule a family campout.  Early June not being the best of times (but seemingly the one time when a few families might be able to make it) we advertised it as "weather permitting."  In the end it came down to two families, the Irwins and the Crams, and Jim Irwin had last-minute work responsibilities for the weekend, and the Crams a funeral to attend late Saturday morning.  We "down-sized" from Magic Reservoir to a shorter drive and quick overnighter to Thorn Creek Reservoir north of Gooding.

It was a good beginning-of-summer shake-down cruise for both parties.  The wind BLEW.  We "circled the wagons" and achieved a relatively calm spot for roasting marshmallows, at the cost of the Crams' tent trailer's windward side, which started to give way at the seams.  The tent trailer came down, and we managed to find alternative sleeping quarters for all, waking up to a lovely calm (but not for long) morning and delicious breakfast cooked by Chuck Cram.

We hope this is not the last family campout!  Despite Mother Nature, we enjoyed some time away and parent-to-parent gab and a bit of fishing.  Let us know if you'd like to come next summer, and we will attempt to schedule it better.

Micah Cram makes sure our fire is OUT--the wind was starting to blow again!

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